What’s in this book?

Down-to-earth tips on wine from finding bargains to foolproof food matches.

How is it different than other wine books?

It has a sense of humor. (And we’re not afraid to buck traditional wine wisdom!)

Who should buy this book?

It’s for the wine enthusiast – whether she’s a novice or seasoned sipper. It makes the perfect gift (at just the right price) for your sister, mother, daughter and girlfriend.

The information is serious…the delivery is not.

We’re Barbara and Beverly, and, yes, we ARE sisters.  We’re also best friends and barstool companions who discovered early on that we enjoy sipping wine together.  (Okay, even when we’re not together!)  Wine became such a passion that we created a radio show on the subject called Sauced! that we hosted for ten years.  The show evolved into books and live performances where we share our (sometimes colorful) comments and perspective. We’d love for you to join us here (or face book or twitter or periscope) in some spirited conversation about all things wine.

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