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  • Can You Choose Your Body Type?

    Can You Choose Your Body Type? If you’re talking about wine, the answer is yes. Pick up a copy of the National Enquirer (only to read in the grocery checkout line, of course) and you get your fill of “body” talk: body image, body contouring, body shape, body issues. It’s enough to drive a girl […]

  • Chill (wines) This Summer

    We like to think of ourselves as innately cool and hip. (Whether the description bears any resemblance to reality is a subject for another time.) When wine spritzers were all the rage, we were among the hordes of who thought nothing of watering down our wine with a splash of club soda. The best thing […]

  • Choosing the Right Glass for Your Wine

    “Is plastic okay?” We cringe whenever we hear those words. That’s because they’re usually said to us at the checkout line at the grocery store when we’ve forgotten to bring our environmentally friendly tote bags. But the same question can be asked about what kind of vessel is best for wine.   And it’s not […]

  • Dancing with the Stars: What’s the Perfect Wine Partner for Your Food?

    Matching food and wine is like Dancing with the Stars. Each partner affects the performance of the other. Sometimes, as when Derek Hough dances with…anyone, they can transform a simple dance into a moment of magic. Other times, like Kirstie Alley and her dance partner Maksim, they fall down on the job. But no matter. […]

  • Date Night … The Taste of Romance

    When it comes to “date nights,” we think we’ve got the bases covered. One has the perspective of decades of marital bliss. The other, has had her share of miserable dates. We’ve come to one conclusion: sharing a special beverage contributes mightily to the success of the date. Several years ago on our radio show […]

  • Don’t Fret the Wine on Thanksgiving Day

    We receive many requests for Thanksgiving wine suggestions. Face it, the Thanksgiving meal is not an easy one to make happen. The turkey alone takes hours – sometimes days – to prepare and cook. Then all the sides, desserts – and gravy. Yikes, it’s no wonder we get anxious! And that’s just the food. We […]

  • Drink Spring!

    Let us pour you a spring cocktail Several years ago these wine girls signed up for bartending school. Yup. Classroom, books, exams and all. For fourteen days we mixed, counted, spilled, blended, broke, dumped, shook, sprayed, stirred, strained and, yes, poured hundreds of cocktails. Even memorized the recipes for 100 of them – down to […]

  • Drinkin’ Pink

    No one lifts an eyebrow when a woman drinks a pink wine. But when you see a man sipping pink wine in public, you can rest assured he’s got a lot of self-confidence. And, chances are, he knows a lot about wine. He knows, for example, that rosé wines have a long and respected history…and […]

  • Fatty Football Food- 5 Perfect Chardonnays to Tackle the Fat

    We love football season. Okay, not just another reason to eat and drink. We actually enjoy the sport. At a very young age, our father taught us the basic rules (and even gave us tests!) before he took us to our first game – Cornell versus Penn. Well, not a major competition, but at ages […]

  • For the Price, Spanish Cava is Our Choice

    We admit it. We’re fervent fans of fizz. We adore sparkling wines of all kinds. Our brother knows this and recently dug deep into his pockets and sent us a highly-rated French Champagne as a gift. Oolala!   Drinking on our brother’s dime is one of our favorite things. But when we buy bubbly for […]