Wedding Bell Booze – Four Money-Saving Tips for the Budgeting Bride

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We met recently with a friend whose son was about to be married. Our girl talk started with what she was going to wear, but then quickly turned to what champagne and wines were planned for the reception.


The conversation got us to thinking about the high cost of weddings. According to The Knot, the average wedding in the US costs $31,213. A full 40% of that goes to food and alcohol.  The beverage tab is a huge part of that expense – but also a place where you can find great savings if you make the “right” decisions for your budget.

While brides have more savings options when they purchase their own alcohol than when they have to order directly from the reception site, we offer these four sure-fire tips – regardless of the venue.


  • Skip the open bar and serve a signature cocktail.  Give it a fun name, like Vodka Bliss or Amore. Less variety in drinks means big savings.
  • Select screwtop wines.  With corks, bartenders open bottles before needed so they’re ready to be poured. Screwtops are opened on demand, decreasing possibility of paying for opened bottles that are not drunk.
  • Serve red and white sangria at daytime weddings.  Early receptions mean lower-alcohol drinks.
  • Choose budget bubblies as “toast-only” option.  Lower price and smaller quantity means dollars not spent.




Barbara and Beverly