Hosting Your Own Wine Tasting

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When we had our radio show one of the most frequent questions we received was about hosting a wine tasting party. We offer many different types of parties in our book, The Saucy Sisters Guide to Wine – What Every Girl Should Know Before She Unscrews. But regardless of the type of party you want to host, there are some basic guidelines for creating a successful party. So, here is our Saucy Sister checklist for hosting your own wine tasting.



  • Choose a style of wine or a region that you’d like to focus on
  • Stand-up, mingle and casual or sit-down and traditional?
  • How many people? (one standard bottle will serve 12 people a 2-ounce pour)



  • Select four to six different wines that represent your theme
  • Prepare food pairings to compliment your wine choices
  • Provide grading sheets and pens/pencils
  • Select your stemware – something large enough to swirl (8 – 12 oz)
  • Consider separate glasses for each wine or one glass with water for rinsing
  • Provide sufficient dump buckets
  • Provide water for hydrating
  • Research the wines so you can talk about them with your guests



  • As your guests arrive, serve them a glass of sparkling wine. The bubbly is always a welcome addition.
  • Explain the basics of your tasting event
  • Taste in order of dry to sweet and light to full-bodied
  • Give your guests information about where to purchase the wines
  • Serve more food, coffee or tea – or a taste of dessert wine.


Enjoy yourself and have fun with your personalized wine tasting party.



Barbara and Beverly