Mimosas…Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

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We can’t help but think that Mimosas were created as an excuse to start drinking early in the day. And, apparently that’s exactly the way it happened. Except that it was called Buck’s Fizz, named after Buck’s Club in London.

The members of this gentlemen’s club wanted to have a real American Cocktail Bar. They got it, and in 1921 their bartender handed them the perfect excuse to frequent it early and often.

A decade or so later, the Champagne and orange juice combination acquired the name Mimosa at the American Bar of the Ritz Hotel in Paris. For a while drinking a Mimosa was considered very sophisticated. But over the years it has become the ubiquitous drink partner to Sunday brunch.

For Mimosas Quality Ingredients Count

We have to admit, we love Mimosas any time of day. But not the way they’re usually served at brunch. You’d think that with only two ingredients they’d be hard to ruin. And that’s the catch: the quality of the two ingredients.

For starters, let’s use bubbly that we’d actually like to drink on its own because, contrary to popular belief, the sparkling wine does impart a flavor. This became abundantly clear to us a few years back when our brother sent us a bottle of Champagne that was highly rated by Wine Spectator (which he told us) and very expensive (which he didn’t tell us but which we googled).

Our first, much anticipated first sip of the Champagne was…let’s just say “not to our taste.” We couldn’t bear pouring it out. So we decided to add a bunch of OJ to overpower the bubbly. Nope. Didn’t work. And that’s true for any bubbly you use regardless of where it falls on the expense scale.

We have two things to say about the other ingredient. Number One: Don’t use too much. Mimosa recipes are all over the board, and people have different preferences – but it’s a Champagne drink, not a juice drink. Number Two: Especially because you’re using so little juice, squeeze the juice from fresh oranges. We promise that with renewed attention to the ingredients, you’ll fall in love again with a Mimosa.


Barbara and Beverly