Oscar Party Wines – Serving Temperature Counts

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Wines served for an Oscar night celebration are just like the contenders in the Academy Awards competition.  While some of the movies and stars are hot, others leave us cold. It’s all about personal tastes.

This year we’re toasting our favorites with wines, of course. Just remember that temperature is the single factor most responsible for how wines taste. Too cold, and their flavors are masked. Too warm, and they will taste dull and overly alcoholic.

5 Tips for Serving Wines at the Right Temperature

Here are our tips to make your Oscar night wine tasting an award-winning event.

  • The Big Chill. Serve your white wines with a chill on them…in the range of 40° – 55°. Sparkling wines are better at the bottom of that range. Rich, full-bodied whites will showcase their flavors better in the upper range.
  • Some Like It Hot. But not us! Serving reds at room temperature is just too warm – unless you keep your house at a brisk 55°. Light-bodied reds are best a little cool. Full-bodied, mature reds are good at 60° – 65°.
  • Body Heat. Hold your wine glass by its stem – rather than with your fingers wrapped around the bowl – so that your body heat isn’t transferred to the wine.
  • The Right Stuff. A bottle of wine will warm at a rate of 2° every ten minutes at room temperature. To maintain its desired drinking temperature, it’s helpful to have the right equipment. Put your bottle in an ice bucket or insulated wine bottle cooler.
  • A Place in The Sun. Not a good spot for storing your wines! Temperatures over 75° and rapid fluctuations in temperature will damage them.

Cool and dark are the watchwords for your wine’s safekeeping over time. If you have to err on the side of either too hot or too cold, choose cold. If you ever lost a bottle of wine in your refrigerator for some weeks or months, you know it was none the worse for the wear.

We raise our glasses to all the great movies and wines…past, present and future!


Barbara and Beverly