Party with Wine This Holiday – 8 Tips on Making Your Event Fun & Easy

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We love a party anytime or anywhere, but the Christmas holidays are one of our favorite times to entertain. With all the stresses of the season, however, hosting a party for friends and family can bring additional tension and anxiety. Many people decide it’s just too much work and avoid entertaining all together. Bah humbug!


We want to make it easy for you and are offering these eight tips for holiday entertaining:


  1. Serve only wine and/or sparkling wine. This saves money and limits the number of glasses and mixers.


  1. Start with your personal entertaining style. It’s your party – so do it your way.       This is not the time to try to be Martha Stewart.


  1. Select one glass size for the wine and one for sparkling wine.       Don’t worry about a different glass for red and white.


  1. Use our formula for determining how much wine to buy:

# Wine Drinkers x 5 oz. x # Hours = Total Wine Ounces ÷ 25.4 = Total # standard bottles to buy


  1. Select food-friendly and easy drinking wines that will go with the various finger-foods you’ll be serving.

White: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Unoaked Chardonnay, Dry Riesling

Red: Pinot Noir, Barbera, Rioja, Malbec


  1. Select screwtop wines, where possible. No corkscrew needed.


  1. Don’t shy away from box wines. There are some good choices of box wines today.   Plus, the boxes make clean up easier and any left over wine will keep much longer than bottles of wine.


  1. For the perfect serving temperature, use our 20-minute rule. Twenty minutes before you’re ready to open the wines, take the white bottles out of the refrigerator to let them warm up and put the red bottles into the refrigerator to let them chill.


Here’s a toast to you for hosting your best party ever.



Barbara and Beverly