Red Wine Cuts the Fat

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Our German grandfather always ended his heavy potato-laden meals with a drink. His belief was that alcohol cuts the fat. For years this has been the family joke as we’d polish off a glass of wine or champagne after a big meal. Little did we know that our grandfather was right – if that drink is a glass of red wine.


A study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry found that a chemical in red wine may prevent some of the fatty foods we eat from being converted into fat in our bodies. The chemical, called piceatannol, is found in grape skins.


The study’s co-author, Dr. Kee-Hong Kim, Assistant Professor of Food Science at Purdue University, says when the human body consumes fat, those calories are either converted into energy or stored as fatty tissue in the body. In his lab work the piceatannol blocked the formation of fat cells.

Piceatannol isn’t just found in grape skins. It’s abundant in berries – and particularly passion fruit. Dr. Kim says more studies are needed – in animals and humans – to confirm its fat-busting virtue, but we’re on board. Pass the red wine, please.



Barbara and Beverly