Thanksgiving Hangover?

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Food, glorious food! Whoever is singing that song the day after Thanksgiving must have had some powerful willpower. Most of us overindulge on food on this special holiday, but how did you do on the cocktails and wine? If your alcohol intake matched – or exceeded – your food consumption, it’s possible you might be feeling lousy on Black Friday.


To avoid a hangover, it’s actually good to eat food along with your alcohol. The food in your stomach does help absorb the alcohol when you’re drinking. However, when the alcohol has left our stomachs, food does not help.


Have a craving for fast food today? Sorry to say, this is misguided. The fat actually irritates the stomach and only adds calories to an already alcohol and calorie-laden body.


Are you tempted to have a Bloody Mary after an overindulgent celebration? A little “hair of the dog”? Does it help? Probably not. Adding more alcohol to your system, which has already had enough, may make you feel better for a few minutes, but the relief is only temporary. You’re just postponing the inevitable.


Feeling particularly thirsty? Alcohol is a diuretic and causes dehydration. When your body loses fluid and you don’t replenish it (in this case more wine doesn’t count), the loss of fluids from the body plays a major role in a next-day hangover.


We hope your Thanksgiving celebration doesn’t interfere with your Black Friday shopping. But if you’re a bit “under the weather”, just know that time – and lots of water – are your allies.



Barbara and Beverly