Vodka Lovers…Can You Tell the Difference?

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It comes as a surprise to most people that one of these wine girls is married to a vodka guy. Barbara’s husband, Paul, prefers Ciroc. Even our brother, Jeff, is drinking Tito’s vodka rather than Cab these days.

While we love an occasional vodka cocktail, we just don’t get the big deal with all the vodka brands these days. And what about the difference in prices? Can anyone really taste the difference between Popov or Grey Goose? And why would anyone pay $50 a bottle for a tasteless spirit that’s mixed with tomato or orange juice?

Tasteless, Odorless, Colorless?

Vodka is the most used spirit for making cocktails. As a tasteless, odorless and colorless liquid (hey, that’s the US government’s definition!), it’s perfect for mixing with almost anything. And the current popularity of flavored vodkas proves the liquid can be best friends with anyone – even bacon. (Yes, Bakon Vodka is on the shelves at your spirits stores.)

The TV show 20/20 did a blind taste test a couple of years ago. They poured six vodkas from super premium Hangar One to economy Smirnoff. The results were shocking to the vodka-loving participants – all of whom had his or her favorite brand and failed to identify it in the tasting. As a matter of fact, the group’s least favorite was the high-end brand, Grey Goose.

A Professional Opinion on Vodka

Our friend, Dale DeGroff, known as King Cocktail, and author of The Essential Cocktail, says that when drinking vodka you’re not relying heavily on your taste buds. It’s more the perceived value or status of the brand. And when purchasing vodka, he says most people are buying the bottle and its sexiness.

So, calling all vodka lovers! We want to know if your taste buds can tell the difference between the different vodkas and if you can identify your special brand. Barbara’s husband, Paul, and our brother, Jeff, say they can, but then again we haven’t put them to the test by switching their Ciroc and Tito’s with Popov.


Barbara and Beverly