Wine and Cheese – 4 Love Matches

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Wine and cheese…it’s a classic love match. This is one marriage that has lasted for centuries.

It seems like the combination is even more popular today than ever before. The only problem is that people get so stressed over what wines to serve with what cheese. To us, pairing wine with cheese is like pairing wine with any food. While there are some general guidelines for making good matches, the real fun is in the experimentation.

Even if there were hard and fast rules, they wouldn’t always apply because people can experience taste differently – which means we all have our personal preferences. Like you may be a Cabernet girl all the way. Cabs are typically high in tannins, and tannins are notoriously tough to pair with cheese. But, hey, if that’s what you like, there’s nothing wrong with that.

There are between 500 and a thousand varieties of cheese and 10,000 different varieties of wine grapes – so it’s no wonder the task of pairing the two would be intimidating.

To simplify the task of wine and cheese pairing, we start with the type of cheese and intensity of flavor. Is it mild, or really strong and pungent or somewhere in between? The differences in flavor require a different type of wine.

Here are our four love matches:

  • Mild Cheese. The creamy, mild cheeses coat your mouth, so consider a lighter-bodied wine that will act as a palate cleanser. A high acid wine with do that.

Example: Brie with Sparkling Wine

  • Medium Cheese. Medium flavor cheeses will need a more full-bodied wine that can handle the intensity of the cheese.

Example: Manchego with Fumé Blanc

  • Bold Cheese. These cheeses pair well with an equally bold or higher alcohol wine.

Example: Parmigiano Reggiano with Merlot

  • Strong Cheese. For strong, pungent and salty cheese, select a sweeter wine.

Example: Blue Cheese with Port



Barbara and Beverly