Wine and Chocolate – A Valentine Love Match

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If your loved one likes wine and chocolate, it seems like a no-brainer gift for her – or him – on Valentine’s Day. But finding wines that go with chocolate can be a challenge because it’s hard to follow the traditional wine and dessert pairing rule of selecting a wine that’s richer and sweeter than the food.

Oh, heck. Sometimes you just have to experiment and see what happens.  We’ve put all these wines to the test – or taste – and matched them with different types of chocolate.


Chocolate Style Wine
Bittersweet Chocolate
(70% – 100% cacao)
Dark Chocolate
(59% – 69% cacao)
Cabernet Sauvignon
Milk Chocolate Ice Wines
White Chocolate Muscat
Sparkling Wine


Wine and Chocolate Pairing Recommendations

Dark chocolate tends to be deeply flavored but not overly sweet. The higher the cocoa percent, the more bitter the flavor. This makes it ideal for pairing with port. Our perfect pair is Dow’s Boardroom Tawny Port with Leonidas Belgian Dark Chocolate.

chocolate wine cork, wine and chocolate, chocolate and wine loverIn 2014 Barbara chaired an event in Franklin, TN, where Master Chocolatier Paul Burnash, owner of Paul’s Chocolate Gallery, created a holiday chocolate sculpture with sleigh, Christmas tree, ornaments
and gift packages using 80 pounds of chocolate. Barbara’s wine and chocolate pairing for Paul’s masterpiece is EOS Estate 2012 Paso Robles Zinfandel. Among Paul’s other creations are his chocolate wine corks for the wine lover in your life.  (They look like the real thing, but they taste like a little part of heaven.)

Wishing you an especially sweet Valentine’s Day!


Barbara and Beverly