Wine Glass Buying Tips

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If you’ve been shopping for wine glasses, you know there’s no shortage of names, colors, styles, sizes – and prices. We were at a store recently looking at some Baccarat champagne flutes with a price tag of $340 – each! Ouch. We did say “looking”?


While it’s a real treat to drink out of expensive crystal glasses, it’s not necessary to enhance the wine’s experience. However, there are characteristics of glassware that do affect the way a wine tastes. Here are our wine glass buying tips:


  1. Glass. Wine tastes better from glass because glass is inert and doesn’t affect the wine’s flavor. So, save your plastic and paper glasses for the kids.


  1. Clear. A clear glass allows you to assess the wine’s color and clarity.


  1. Thin. A thin – as opposed to thick – glass has less foreign material between the wine and your palate.


  1. Stemmed.       While stemless glasses are popular, we like our stems for better swirling. Plus, by holding the glass at the stem, your hand doesn’t touch the bowl of the glass which can affect the wine’s temperature.


  1. Tapered.       A tapered glass captures the aromas when you swirl.


  1. Large. A larger glass (12-ounce or larger) leaves plenty of room for swirling and can be used for white or red.       Remember to pour only about four ounces into the glass.



Barbara and Beverly