Wine for Thanksgiving? No Sweat!

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Every year around Thanksgiving, we read wine columns and wine blogs that recommend wines suitable for serving with the traditional turkey dinner: one that pairs with the white meat, another that complements sausage stuffing, and even the ideal match for sweet potato casserole.


We haven’t been shy about adding our two cents to the discussion. Here’s our best advice. Don’t sweat the wine! There are so many different tastes and textures on the Thanksgiving table that no one wine will be the perfect love match.


Instead, we offer some wine selection strategies that don’t even involve the food.


  1. Consider Thanksgiving a “theme” event and look for appropriately named wines. Pilgrim’s White from Plymouth Winery. Plymouth Bay’s Colonial Red. Turkey Flat Vineyards Grenache. Maple River Pumpkin Wine. Full House Chardonnay. The underlying tactic here is to divert the attention of your guests. Get them to focus on how clever your selections are rather than on how they actually match up with the various dishes on the table.


  1. This strategy is really the opposite of number one. Spotlight the wine by choosing one that is unusual, rare or highly rated. Or one that has a special meaning for you with a story you can tell about it. Your guests will be so honored that you would share such a “valuable” wine with them that its ability to harmonize with the food will be secondary.


  1. Open a whole bunch of wines…red, white, rosé and sparkling. Encourage your guests to take small tastes and try them all with the foods you serve. Essentially, you’re letting them do the work of finding the perfect partnership. And who could complain about all those wines!



Barbara and Beverly