Don’t Fret the Wine on Thanksgiving Day

We receive many requests for Thanksgiving wine suggestions.  Face it, the Thanksgiving meal is not an easy one to make happen.  The turkey alone takes hours – sometimes days – to prepare and cook.  Then all the sides, desserts – and gravy.  Yikes, it’s no wonder we get anxious!  And that’s just the food.  We haven’t even mentioned the quirky relatives.

A Saucy Thanksgiving

But there’s no need to fret over the wine!  With all the elements of taste in the food – fatty, salty, spicy, sour, sweet – it’s tough to get a perfect wine.  So, we suggest you serve what you like.  You’re likely to be drinking a bit more on this celebratory occasion anyway.  So if you want to remove one bit of angst, drink a wine that’s familiar and comfortable.

For those of you who want to live a little more on the wild side (or who are getting their already prepared turkey dinner from the grocery store), here are a couple suggestions:

Beaujolais Nouveau – This wine is released every year on the third Thursday of November – just in time for our Thanksgiving celebrations here in the US.  It’s celebrated around the world.  The taste varies from year to year, but it’s usually fruity and has no tannins.  Be sure to serve it chilled.

Dry Riesling – Riesling is such a versatile varietal and is made in varying levels of sweetness – from very sweet to very dry.  Its high acidity will balance all the different foods.  Select a Riesling on the dry or off-dry style.

Pinot Noir – The soft, low tannins of Pinot Noir make it a great wine for pairing with different foods.  The Pinot Noir grape is a difficult grape to grow.  The wine is quite popular now, but don’t be tempted by some of the lower priced ones.  This is one time to splurge a bit.  You won’t be disappointed.

Sparkling Wine – There’s nothing that yells “celebration” more than sparkling wine.  And it goes with everything – or on its own.  We usually start our Thanksgiving Day with a glass and end our meal with, yes, another glass.

Here’s to an-anxiety free Thanksgiving with family, friends and great wines.

Barbara & Beverly